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Services that HESTIC provides

HESTIC offers consultation on the following topics; (1) data analysis and interpretation on epidemiological and experimental studies on health and the environment, (2) creation of effective Power Point slides for oral presentations (English, Japanese, and Chinese), (3) writing of scientific reports and papers ( English, Japanese, and Chinese), (4) analysis of safety assessment and risk management on the chemicals in the environment and food commodities, (5) analysis of the current situation regarding safety issues on medicines and drugs, and (6) assistance with a second opinion on the services described above .  

HETIC assists in planning lectures and symposia and providing lecturers on services described above

Who can benefit from HESTIC

Any of the following organizations or individuals can benefit from our consultation: domestic or international administrative organizations, contract laboratories and consultant companies, manufacturers of chemicals, universities and research institutions, NPO, researchers and the general public.

How HECTIC provides the service

The Chief of HESTIC (Chiharu Tohyama, Ph.D., D. Med. Sci.) will directly communicate with each client, making the initial assessment on the client’s request. This will be a critical step in order to proceed appropriately to further consultation. HESTIC will be engaged in the consultation in collaboration with experts who will have a contractual duty of confidentiality to handle/manage diverse issues regarding health and the environment.

Contact nodes outside Japan

Asia: Peking University, China Medical University, Sichuan University
Dalian Medical University, Fudan University
National Taiwan University
Gyeongsang National University, Catholic University of Daegu
Chulalongkorn University, Mahidol University
University of Malaya,
North America: National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, National Cancer
, US EPA Laboratories
University of Wisconsin, University of Cincinnati, University of Rochester,
University of California Davis, University of California Irvine,
Harvard University,
Health Canada
Europe: World Health Organization
European Food Safety Authority
Karolinska Institute
Rowett Research Institute
Utrecht University,